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Welcome to the Franz Liszt International Piano Festival and Competition! 

Franz Liszt worked tirelessly to search out, elaborate, and express his own most uncompromising and personal musical thoughts. At the same time, he felt deeply obligated to advocate for those composers of his time that he thought were truthfully serving high art as a sacred cause. 


As proponents of these same values, we dedicate our competition to the two causes of advancing superior pianists from around the world and supporting living composers from our home state of Ohio. As a performer, composer, and advocate, Liszt would surely have agreed that cultivating young talents in these twin directions would mean making the world a more generous, harmonious, and humanitarian place.  








Dr. Caroline Hong, Executive Director

Dr. Ryan Behan, Festival & Competition Co-Director


Franz Liszt International Piano Festival 2023

The Ohio Chapter of the American Liszt Society presents the Franz Liszt International Piano Festival 2023 in anticipation of the 2024 Competition. (co-hosted by The Ohio State University)

All events at The Ohio State University Timashev Recital Hall

1900 College Rd N, Columbus, OH 43210


Open and free to the public (donations welcome and accepted) 

October 14, 2023, Saturday, DAY 1

Session I, 2:00-4:00 PM

Piano Masterclass with Spencer Meyer (Indiana University Piano Faculty)

October 15, 2023, Sunday, Day 2

Session II, 3:15 PM

"The Healthy Liszt Performer" by OSU Professor Lynn Singleton

Session III, 4 PM

Piano Compositions of Franz Liszt Marathon Concert by OSU Students

Ryan Behan, Master of Ceremonies (Competition co-director)

October 16, 2023, Monday, Day 3

Concert with Guest Artists, 7:30 PM

“Celebration of Rachmaninoff and Liszt Birthdays”


The concert will feature:

Dr. Ji-Hyang Gwak (2021 Competition Winner, ALS Board of Directors, Ohio Chapter Secretary)

Dr. Sunghwan Kim (2021 Laureate, 2nd runner up Ohio Call Best Interpretation, OSU Graduate)

Dr. Ryan Behan (FLIPFAC Co-Director, Ohio Chapter Co-Founder, President and Founder of Indianapolis Chapter)


Dr. Arved Ashby's (Professor of Musicology) pre-concert talk at 6:45 pm

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Nancy Roldán

Founder of the Liszt-Garrison Festival and International Piano Competition

Nancy Roldán was the artistic director of the Liszt-Garrison Festival and International Piano Competition through 2015 and cooperated in developing the Franz Liszt International event at OH.

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