Welcome to the Franz Liszt International Piano Festival and Competition!


Franz Liszt worked tirelessly to search out, elaborate, and express his own most uncompromising and personal musical thoughts. At the same time, he felt deeply obligated to advocate for those composers of his time that he thought were truthfully serving high art as a sacred cause.

As proponents of these same values, we dedicate our competition to the two causes of advancing superior pianists from around the world and supporting living composers from our home state of Ohio. As a performer, composer, and advocate, Liszt would surely have agreed that cultivating young talents in these twin directions would mean making the world a more generous, harmonious, and humanitarian place.

:2021 Virtual Edition of the Franz Liszt International Piano Festival and Competition

The FLIPFAC Director's Team, in consultation with the Jury, decided not to award the first prize this year. As a gesture to help promote the interpretation and performance of F. Liszt's music, the American Liszt Society has graciously awarded all 6 Laureates with a free membership to the American Liszt Society for the calendar year 2022. The FLIPFAC team in consultation with the Jury have also added 2 additional prizes vis a vis the Ohio Call work, Dolores White "Sound Echoes" in the spirit and hope of our aim to promote the music of our contemporaries. 

Congratulations to each and everyone of our 2021 Laureates, and a heartfelt "thank you" to our esteemed jury members. 

Stay tuned for our 2023 competition!


1st Prize: No First Prize Awarded

2nd Prize: $1500   Ji-Hyang Gwak 

3rd Prize: $750      Pengcheng He 


Best Interpretation of a Liszt Composition: $500  Pengcheng He


Best Interpretation of the Winning Ohio Call Composition: Dolores White: Sound Echoes" 

1st Prize: $500 Sonny Yoo, Laureate

2nd Prize: $250 Pengcheng He

3rd Prize: $125 Sunghwan Kim, Laureate



Meeji Kim, Honorable Mention     Free membership to ALS for the calendar year 2022

Soyeon Lee, Laureate                    Free membership to ALS for the calendar year 2022

Congratulations to the Winner of the Call For Ohio Composer Competition


Winner: Dolores White - "Sound Echoes"

Honorable Mention: Tyler Kline - "Five Pieces from Orchard"

Honorable Mention: Jack Ballard - "Las Aguas de las montañas"

“Sound Echoes” Score Link:

 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cDm1DhwN8w0jWAW1MXjm6_rjSL0BtjCp/view?usp=sharing (pdf)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/16wvHw-YKWv-JsIJcBs6hapBQAx_8_I3-/view?usp=sharing (mp3)

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